Tuesday, March 6, 2018


2018 - Planning to do Grid Madness?

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  1. WD0CFH ... NAME: Jack
    I will be on the Island of Maui and staying near the Kahekili Beach Park on the South side of the Island. My original intent was to operate CW with my Elecraft K1. Doing a little research I found your “Grid Madness event” on the 16 th and now will also bring my FT-70 and my roll up J-pole and hang it from a palm tree and join in the fun. I will still be on HF w/ the K1 on 20-30-40 meters trying to contact the land of Oz (my home) hi hi. Hope to talk with some of the local Hams during my stay between the 8th & 23rd. 73

    1. Great Jack, we will be listening for your signals from Maui!

  2. AH6KO and WH6ETX plan to operate along Highway 11 from Hilo to Volcano on the Big Island. We will use both call signs, with one of us operating HT class and the other operating BASE class. We will stop at each location to set up and make contacts, then move to a new grid.

    We will start in Hilo at 1300 HST, plan to end up near Volcano National Park around 1600 HST. Will try to activate at least three grids on the way, on both 2 meters and 70 cm. Hoping to work stations along the Hwy 11 corridor, and perhaps into Puna, Na'alehu and Ocean View too!

    BASE - 50 Watts to 5 element beam on a pole
    HT - 5 Watts to roll-up antenna on a pole

    Aloha~ Stan AH6KO and Lynn WH6ETX

  3. AH6KO and WH6ETX will be designating our scores to Big Island Amateur Radio Club (BIARC). Anyone want to join us? Aloha~ Stan & Lynn.

  4. David M Clothier aka LD ReynoldsSeptember 10, 2018 at 9:18 AM

    I will be stationary in Iao Valley. Had some very interesting propagation last year, hope to work as many as I can from a very difficult QTH. 73's de Dave AH6EE

  5. WH6FAM - Trip : I plan to operate from from my car in public places with parking and easy access in the four grid squares near my residence BL10ut, BL10uu, BL10tu and BL10tt. I'll have 25W on the mobile 2M and 4W on the HT for 0.70M. My goal is to increase my QSO's by 10 or more over last year and to perform at least one relay contact.

  6. New Plan : try to activate grids: BL10tp, BL10tq, BL10tr, BL10ur, BL10ut, BL10tt, BL10tu and BL10uu ... I hope to contact BK29 and BL11 from BL10tp.

  7. KH7MS- I will be operating mobile starting in Ka'u grids BK29CC, BK29DB, BK29FP BK29JK and BK29MO ending in Puna. I will be monitoring on the Hawaii Mainland Allstar system (Calling Frequencies) in Ka'u 444.950 PL 100.0 Ocean view 443.400 PL 77.0 Pahala and 444.925 PL.100.0 Hilo/Puna. I'll also monitor 146.520 and 446.000.

  8. I just got my Tech License, and a cheap handheld and haven't made any contacts yet... I am right on the border of BL10ut and BL10us, will be listening to get a feel for the contest, and maybe try to make some contacts when I feel comfortable transmitting, using my call sign, etc..

  9. KH6CJJ - I will be roving with a H/T trying to cover BL10...rv,sw,rw,sv,su,ru,rt,rs,and st on 145.520 and 446.000.

  10. Thanks to all the commenters; hope you enjoyed Grid Madness!

    Aloha~ Stan AH6KO


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