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  1. Stan and Lynn will focus on making contacts from (or close to) home.

    AH6KO on 2m, 70cm, 1.25m
    WH6ETX on 2m, 70cm

    1300 thru 1500 (approx 2 hours) -- Grid BK29lo -- Keaau Ag Lots
    1500 thru 1600 (approx 1 hour) -- Grid BK29lp -- Shipman Business Park
    1600 thru 1700 (approx 1 hour) -- Grid optional, to be determined

    Of course, subject to changes due to problems or opportunities!

  2. Yes Not to many Hams at the Northshore Larry & Danny May be Busy this year will see? I will try contact Peter wh6gfm? and any one else at the Northshore.

    13:00 threw 1700 Grid Don't know? Snake Road Wailua.

    WH6FLQ & WH6GFM 2m 70com

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